about me
AGE: 19
I'm Drew and welcome to Jackass.

- I'm pretty fond of anything that could be considered "a e s t h e t i c". Future funk, vaporwave, grunge, glitch, that sort of stuff.

- I'm a living shitpost.

- I'm interested in way too much entertainment media (see below.)

- I seem edgy at first. I mean I'm an edgelord but the kind that's just a soft weenie.

- I do ignore social media frequently, but I will eventually come back.

- I also interact on/off with other people, so if you could be patient with me it would be appreciated.

- I typically vent about my mother, my stepmother, my traumas, kin things and my really bad eating habits. Otherwise, expect me to be yelling about my friends or shitposting.

- I was oficially diagnosed with depression, anxiety & autism.

- I don't want to set anything in stone, but I believe I may have BPD and/or AvPD. I'm pretty sure I may have insomnia.

- You can typically tell what kinshift I'm in by my icon. Unless I'm in a really bad place the icon will change to that shift.

- I don't kin characters for coping, but the people who do are completely valid. All of my kintypes are past lives.

- I currently have around 40 confirmed/discovered kintypes, so if you have any issue with kin twins (doubles) feel free to avoid/block me for your comfort.

- My IDs (past lives which have a big influence on who I am in this life) are Nico di Angelo, Shikamaru Nara, Leo of Nohr, and Death the Kid.

- On that subject, I'm perfectly fine with others who share any of my kintypes.

- I've been on T since October 2016.

- I don't need anything tagged.

- I'm an artist of different sorts. I'm primarily focused on drawing and photoshop editing but I'm trying to get into music a little more as well.

- You should totally astral project and fight me behind the Denny's at 3 AM. I deserve it.


Note: I may not be caught up on all of these.

eastern media Soul Eater | Osomatsu-san | One Punch Man | One Piece | Studio Gainax & Trigger | Studio Ghibli | Fairy Tail | Mob Psycho 100 | Makai no Ossan| Assassination Classroom | My Hero Academia | Kiznaiver | Naruto/Shippuden/Boruto | Attack on Titan | Akira | Devilman | Future Diary | Free! | Full Metal Alchemist | Battle Royale | Madoka Magica | Kagepro | Junji Ito's works | Vocaloid | Touken Ranbu

western media Stranger Things | Twin Peaks | Samurai Jack | Star Wars | Steven Universe | Disney | BoJack Horseman | Gravity Falls | Ben 10/Alien Force/Ultimate Alien | Danny Phantom | Generator Rex | Power Rangers | Kill Bill | Avatar: the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra | Doctor Who | Rick & Morty | murder solving shows | Night School: the Weirn Books | Ava's Demon | Homestuck | Paranatural | Maggot Boy | Neokosmos | Hannah is Not a Boy's Name | Scott Pilgrim | Cucumber Quest | Monster Pulse | Saint for Rent | Mahou Shonen Fight! | Devil's Candy | Demon Street | The Devil's Comic | Not Drunk Enough | The Walking Dead (Comic) | Amulet

books Hunger Games | Harry Potter | Percy Jackson and the Olympians/The Heroes of Olympus | Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit | The Outsiders | The Unwind Dystology | H.P. Lovecraft's short stories | The works of William Shakespeare | The works of Edgar Allan Poe | The Lord of the Flies | Watership Down

video games 7th Dragon 3: Code VFD | Anything from the Shin Megami Tensei franchise | Pokémon | Fire Emblem | Square Enix games, mainly Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends With You and Bravely Default | osu! | The Legend of Zelda series | Devil May Cry | Silent Hill | Hyper Light Drifter | Animal Crossing | Rhythm Heaven | Skullgirls | Sonic the Hedgehog series | Ookami | Overwatch | Dragon Age | Skyrim | Deep Sea Prisoner's (Mogeko) works | Warframe | Bioshock | Guild Wars 2 | Saints Row | The Wolf Among Us | The Walking Dead Game | Borderlands | Mabinogi | No More Heroes | Azure Striker Gunvolt | Minecraft | Shovel Knight | Dangan Ronpa | Nitro+ visual novels | Lost Dimension | Undertale | Project Diva | Monster Hunter 4 | Cave Story | Yume Nikki, Yume 2kki, .flow & other fan games | Mirror's Edge | Heavy Rain | The Last of Us | Remember Me | Lollipop Chainsaw | Jet Set Radio/Future | 999 | Blazblue | Shadow of the Colossus | Life is Strange | Earthbound/Mother | Megaman | Civilization V | They Bleed Pixels | We Happy Few


I may mention these people from time to time.


Luke, Jenn, August/Leon, Rory, Neen, Kei, Pan, Jude, Al, Horse, Lanie, Pluto, Sorey, Dylan, Chrys, Robin, Riley, Kai, Reese, Bellatrix, M/Em, Glow





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